The Bus Mission is an ecumenical, non-profit organisation that started in 2003. We members come from different congregations in all of Sweden.

Our goal is to provide a cup of coffee and conversation in various places in society with the use of “café buses”. Time after time, we encounter the need for this service in both smaller towns and in larger cities.

Our inspiration for driving the café buses comes from reading the bible, which makes us realize how Jesus was present both in everyday life and in celebrations. Jesus both listened and spoke. He offered people peace, joy and showed them their value as individuals.

Our organisation, The Bus Mission, started in 2003. However, we’ve been working with this concept for several years in Sweden, Finland, and Austria. The café buses also exist in many other nations such as Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Germany. 

We have had a cooperation with the Mission Boat “Shalom” and their Team and Disciple center in Oskarhamn ever since 2007. We’ve had youths from this center joining us in the travels with the café buses. The teachings received in the various teams in Oskarshamn are great.


Today, The Bus Mission has two active café buses in Sweden. Both of the buses are produced by Volvo. One of the buses was formerly used as a representation bus and as a tourist bus. It was already furnished with tables, chairs and sofas. We had to rebuild the other one, which was a sightseeing bus, into a café bus.

We place tables, chairs and parasols in front of the bus when the weather allows us. There are usually performances like music and dramatisations. We’ve also featured “drive-in cinema” in connection with the bus.

Entrepreneur, do you wish to contribute and sponsor the café buses with diesel or provide us financially? Or do you as a private person want to make a contribution?

Our bank account is: 5736 – 0745